The Summer of Naked Swim Parties: A Novel (Paperback)

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Fourteen-year-old Jamie will never forget the summer of 1976. It's the summer when she has her first boyfriend, cute surfer Flip Jenkins; it's the summer when her two best friends get serious about sex, cigarettes, and tanning; it's the summer when her parents throw, yes, naked swim parties, leaving Jamie flushed with embarrassment. And it's the summer that forever changes the way Jamie sees the things that matter: family, friendship, love, and herself.

Praise For…

“Sadly, not a photo essay, but rather a witty account of the agonies and ecstasies of a girl coming of age in late-seventies California.”

“High and low comedy, nude swimming, and familial frenzy float through [THE SUMMER OF NAKED SWIM PARTIES] like pot smoke.”

“Reading this heartfelt and humorous coming-of-age story is the perfect way to spend a hot summer day.”

“A fantastic beach read about painful adolescence in the 1970s.”

“Move over, summer of love. Here comes the summer of naked swim parties . . . [Blau] knows adolescence inside out . . . [S]he skewers what needs skewering and celebrates the rest with humor, style, and an appropriate degree of affection.”

“Jessica Anya Blau’s debut novel, THE SUMMER OF NAKED SWIM PARTIES, is a delight: a California beach girl’s hilariously painful adolescence in the High 1970s.”

“You may think you’ve heard this story before, but no one tells it as wittily, winningly, wisely and well as Jessica Anya Blau.”

“This book will make you laugh and cry in public. Jessica Anya Blau has written a soaring teenage lament, perfectly pitched, containing the single saddest and funniest line of seduction ever uttered.”

“Funny and charming, moving and sweet—Jessica Anya Blau beautifully captures the awkwardness and the wonder of coming of age. The Summer of Naked Swim Parties is a remarkable debut novel.”

“Once you dive in to this sweet, sparkling coming of age story, dripping with heart and heartbreak, you won’t want to come up -- even for air.”

“Among the many truths in this intelligent, funny novel about family, sex, and coming of age in the 1970s is this: no one can embarrass us more than our parents.”

“Having grown up in 1970s Southern California, I can personally attest to this novel’s utterly uncanny evocation of the era. It’s also really really fucking funny…”

“Jessica Anya Blau is a warm and funny storyteller. THE SUMMER OF NAKED SWIM PARTIES conjures the thrills and anxieties of a 1970s California adolescence in a world awash in sex.”

“Ms. Blau is a writer of wit, intelligence, deep feeling, humor and imagination, and she gets into the head of a young person like almost nobody since J.D. Salinger. All aboard!”

“Jessica Anya Blau creates a charming protagonist, her charismatic Santa Barbara family and a summer of love, lust and confusion. You won’t want summer - and this wonderful book - to end.”

“It’s hard to recall a debut as warm, charming and comically satisfying as THE SUMMER OF NAKED SWIM PARTIES . . . Blau conveys Jamie’s world with compelling insight and wit . . . [Blau’s] sharp observation and affectionate humor [give] surprising depth to this shimmering novel.”

“Recovered Judy Blume addicts, brace yourselves for a relapse: Jessica Anya Blau’s debut novel, set in Santa Barbara, California, during the summer of ’76, is a poignant, gleeful ode to the turbulence of growing up . . . [A] dead-on portrayal of the simple yet shocking revelations of youth.”
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ISBN: 9780061452024
ISBN-10: 0061452025
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Publication Date: May 27th, 2008
Pages: 320
Language: English
Series: P.S.