Good Little Wives (Paperback)

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While their husbands are out making money, making deals, and making . . . whatever, the trophy wives of New Falls are slipping not so quietly into middle age. Lauren, Bridget, Dana, and Caroline pretend to each other that their only problems are parties, plastic surgery, and which Mikimotos to buy. But behind the closed doors of their gracious homes there are broken hearts and broken promises . . . the stuff that gossip is made of.

And the newest dish du jour is a whopper The husband of one of their oldest friends, who dumped his wife for a newer model--a sexier, flashier, sleeker hairdresser--is found dead, his ex-wife, Kitty, standing over him . . . holding the smoking gun.

Kitty claims she's innocent, and there are plenty of women around town who might want the rat dead. Now it's up to the women to discover where in their high-priced suburb a killer is hiding, and which good little wife has done something very, very wicked.

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ISBN: 9780061232213
ISBN-10: 0061232211
Publisher: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: August 28th, 2007
Pages: 286
Language: English