The Winter of Her Discontent: A Rosie Winter Mystery (Rosie Winter Mysteries #2) (Paperback)

The Winter of Her Discontent: A Rosie Winter Mystery (Rosie Winter Mysteries #2) Cover Image
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It's tough shooting for stardom when there's a war on. But Rosie's got enough pluck for two: she's willing to stumble around in a Broadway dance chorus that she has no right to be a part of, in a musical that's got "flop" written all over it. And all the while, she's worrying about her missing-in-action soldier boyfriend, who hasn't written in months. Lately, she's also been keeping bad company with her mob-muscle pal, Al, who's dabbling in a host of shady money-making enterprises in this time of shortages and rationing. But despite his illicit line of work, Al's no killer. When the cops finger him for his girlfriend's murder, Rosie and Jayne, her close compatriot/fellow castmate, set out to clear big Al's name, and plunge into an intricate backstage drama featuring a bevy of suspiciously well-dressed wannabe starlets. But the plot could soon be taking another lethal turn, bringing a final curtain down on Rosie, Jayne, and all their good intentions.

Praise For…

“Haines brings home the painful price the “greatest generation” paid more gallantly than anyone then knew.”

“A breezy look back at the ’40s, complete with starlets in short skirts and mobsters smoking Cuban cigars.”

“Haine’s assured debut brings the WWII era to vivid life.”

“[a] pitch-perfect rendering of the early ‘40s, from rationing to java stops at the automat.”

“Perfectly captures the feel, sights and sounds of New York in the 1940s.”

“A fun romp.”

“Haines capably combines homefront ambience (rationing, worries over soldier boyfriends)with plenty of backstage drama....and Rosie and Jane make a winning team of fiesty homefronters...”
Product Details
ISBN: 9780061139802
ISBN-10: 0061139807
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Publication Date: June 24th, 2008
Pages: 336
Language: English
Series: Rosie Winter Mysteries