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Black lives matter mural project


In conjunction with the Kepler’s family and with generous financial support from our landlord The Tan Group, we are displaying murals in solidarity with the global Black Lives Matter movement. We are proud to present the murals and the muralists who have taken the time to create art for such a powerful movement. Below you can find more information about the muralists and what their mural represents to them.  


Charles Washington

Hi, my name is Charles Washington and I am an artist. For my Black Lives Matter mural I wanted to convey how the trauma from American history can affect the lives of our youth. All too often do children have to deal with adult problems. I wanted to make that clear to the viewer and apparent that change is needed. This is how I get my message across. Art is one way for me to speak; and I hope everyone hears me. 


Gage Amos

To be an amazing artist you have to do more than just paint. You have to sculpt, you have to heal. I would like to say it’s kind of like being a doctor. My name is Gage and my life is not easy, at the same time I don’t expect anyone’s life to be easy. I became an artist because of my grandmother, she is ninety-one years old and her birthday is in April. I want to see my grandmother at the age of a hundred but don’t tell her that. 

I study history and have an associate’s degree in Art and Humanities as well as Art History. I am now working on my bachelors in History and culture if all goes well. My initial remark transitioning from high school to college was, I am not going to make it. I could not see myself being successful in this world and when I say world I mean the world of Art History. 

I am African American; it is hard trying to fit in with the general population for the fact that I am a minority. Have you ever studied slavery then have to talk about the subject on an intellectual level as if you were speaking in third person? It just makes me feel wrong no matter how right my information can be. Maybe we deserve it! Hear me out; what if we had superhuman abilities that could end the world therefore we were enslaved to change the destiny of mankind? What does it mean to be scared of your own kind, controversy!


Jessie Hazard 

There is a weight that every black person must carry that I can never understand. It is a weight that begins, but does not end with the names of thousands of innocent people who were killed at the hands of the police. I wanted to represent the physical weight of this pain by lining the subject's hair with names of victims of police brutality.

I painted a picked out afro to represent black features and to show the duality of both beauty and consequence within them, as non-white characteristics are still punishable by death today. We all must remember these people and their stories, because not all of us have the privilege of learning about this pain after the fact. I used acrylic paint on 6’ x 5’ Tyvek to paint this mural.

Instagram: @jcarverart


Troy Davis

East Palo Alto native Troy Davis began his art journey from being inspired by his father and grandmother who were visual artists as well. As a child, Troy would draw cartoon characters, basketball players, and people inside of magazines. Later in highschool he would be involved in graffiti classes which led to a teen mural assistant job with the Mural Music and Arts Program. As he became more interested in artmaking, drawing and painting started becoming more of an outlet for him. During this time he would grow as an artist and start discovering his voice.

His experience as an artist comes from years of practice and being a part of several murals inside and outside the community of East Palo Alto. Troy’s art is distinct in its centering of culture and embodies the beauty of his community.

His art is inspired from several different sources which include African American culture, his Chritian faith, graffiti, hip hop, basketball and art styles such as realism, cubism, pop art, and surrealism. He works in mediums like Photoshop, Illustrator, acrylic paint, and mixed media. His use of bold and vibrant colors allow him to express what he wants to say with his art.

His drive to create comes from the desire to be inspired by what he sees around him. It can be from other artists, artwork from the past, photos, and the essence of everyday life. Troy enjoys creating freely without boundaries which can result in his artwork being spontaneous and emotionally driven.

Troy’s approach to artwork can vary in themes such as the spontaneity of multilayered portraits, and social justice portraits which include Martin Luther King Jr. and Oscar Grant.

Troy Davis is a professional illustrator with a degree in illustration from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and works in Union City, California. He continues to grow in his artistry daily. You can find him on social media @troydart and his website


Jose Castro 

My name is Jose Castro better known as “Castro” I'm a local artist from the North Fair Oaks district in unincorporated Redwood City & I’ve been painting ever since I could remember. I allow my art to breathe through my emotions and feelings but portray it through logic and reason. My inspiration comes from essential experiences. I like to capture the harmony of the little things in life; such as nature, family, healthy living, and spirituality with a blend of chicanoism and politics. Different mediums allow me to express different ideas to fully inspire my viewers and capture their attention for the moment.


Erin Castelan

Erin Tajime Castelan loves to paint inspiring murals that are uplifting and offer a spiritual reprieve to those viewing her creative images. She brings a light-hearted attitude to the creatures, and compassion and joy to the faces of the people she paints. Her knowledge of color offers a pleasing palette, selected per room to match the surroundings and set a mood.

After many years of drawing large reproductions of old masters’ works in chalk on pavement at Italian Street Painting Festivals, she began painting permanent murals on walls. Her mural work evolved from her enjoyment of working large and being at ease while creating in front of others.

Erin is skilled in many artistic areas and also loves to paint portraits. She recently began painting outside on location with oil paints, (plein air) bringing two passions together; her love of nature and painting.