The Anti-Romantic Child - Kepler's Staff Review

Where is peace and wisdom when your heart is breaking for your child? Where is understanding? Perhaps, just perhaps, there is something, some kind of reassurance in the quiet moments of reading romantic poetry and literature. In her new book, Priscilla Gilman, an author, professor, and mother, gives readers a beautifully written story about her struggle to understand her baby boy’s eccentric behaviors. Her son is unresponsive. He doesn’t understand. Does Benjamin know she loves him? Will he ever know? She seeks to connect with him in the most loving way – to hold him and accept his differences, to fight for his life to be as normal as possible. Their story is woven deeply with the happiest of family memories, and yet, again and again, it is battered with crushing waves of painful, heart-wrenching realization. She doesn’t know how to help her son with his rare prognosis, but her journey is a guide through chaos and dysfunction as she tries to live in uncertainty, to not worry, and to know that everything will be okay. –- Lisa M