Along Came Spider - Kepler's Staff Review

Sometimes it's hard to be a decent friend to Trey.  He can go on and on about trains, or birds, or whatever, way LONG after you know you've had enough. He is as likely to pass the basketball as he is to kick it out of sight. If he gets confused, he might make strange faces, odd noises or mentally deconstruct the history of a brick wall. Honest, he can be just plain weird. He is quite likely to embarrass you by association 90% of the time. In middle school, who wants a friend like that?

Not his buddy Spider, who suddenly finds himself growing popular and accepted despite the company he keeps. Problem is, Spider and Trey have always been friends. They have built forts and birdhouses, explored the woods and walked each other to school every day since before either of them can remember. Problem is, that while Spider's social capital soars, he can never be as certain of anyone as he can be of Trey.  Even though yes, he is odd, Trey is smart, hardworking, and the most loyal and kindest of friends --  the kind who will accept Spider no matter what the outcome of a game, a fight, or a class.  And in middle school, everyone should be lucky enough to have a friend like that!

This tender book explores the complexities of having a loved one who is developmentally different and often ridiculed by others. It is simply and lovingly told from both Spider and Trey's point of view.  This should be required reading for all middle grade students who are just at the point in their lives where understanding and valuing differences can affect the possibilities to love and be loved, understand and be understood, for the rest of their lives.
Reviewed by Vivian

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ISBN: 9780545032995
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Published: Scholastic Inc. - September 1st, 2008