Adult Gift Book Bundles

Mystery Hardcover collection graphic

Literary Whodunnits

Murder and mayhem await you in the books in this bundle. We’ve selected the twistiest, turniest, new mystery & thriller releases that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the culprit is found.

Mystery Paperback collection graphic

The Red Herring Mystery Bundle

A strange, silent resident in a locked psychiatric ward, a doomed wedding party on an isolated island, and a group of senior citizens on the case of a local murder. You’ll meet all of the above in this bundle of clever, twisty mysteries.

New Nonfiction Hardback Collection graphic

Lives Well Lived Bundle

The books in this bundle follow the true journeys of incredible people. You’ll be able to read about the epic history of a true American dynasty, the joys and struggles of being a young black woman in today’s world, and the determination of an ecologist searching for connection in an ancient forest.

New Nonfiction Paperback Collection graphic

Eye-Opening Nonfiction

Learning is a lifelong activity. Whether it be the effects of social media, a hidden history of young women during World War II, or how data biases affect the world, the subjects explored by the books in this bundle are perfect for anyone who enjoys learning new and incredible things about the world.
Book Club Paperback Collection graphic

Book Club Favorites

Don’t miss out on the ultimate book club starter pack! The books in this bundle are tried and tested book club favorites, and will be sure to elicit amazing conversations in your next bookish gathering.
Literary Fiction Hardcover Collection graphic

Literary Bookish Bundle

The beautifully written and emotionally resonant books in this bundle are perfect for the voracious reader in your life. Fall into the stories of a determined female aviator, a couple reckoning with the lifelong secrets they’ve kept from each other, and a young librarian desperate to hide a key part of her identity.
Celebrity Author Signed Editions Collection graphic

Celebrity Author Signed Editions

At Kepler’s, we are so lucky to have many talented authors come in to give lectures and talks, and to sign their books. We’re so excited to give you the opportunity to collect some of these signed editions in this special, limited bundle.