A special welcome note from our buyer Aggie Zivaljevic

Before the new shelter-in-place reality kept us physically apart, one of my daily highlights was to walk into my workplace, Kepler's Books in Menlo Park. In that first couple of minutes, I didn't want to think like a bookseller. I just wanted to feel the bookstore, to experience it as a book lover. Every morning, my secret ritual was to recreate for myself that feeling of discovering a bookstore as if for the first time and looking for a perfect book to find me. I would come in 'disguised,' which means walking around with my purse on my shoulder (one telling sign who works there and who doesn't). I would browse the featured tables and displays, pick up a book here and there, read a bit from the first page, turn the book and read from the back cover, check the author's photo. I would pick up another book and another. Only then, I would greet my colleagues and leave my 'disguise purse' in my locker. The first thing I would hear most mornings would be one of my colleagues talking about their most recent read. In all likelihood, other people browsing would join the conversation. 

"Yes, my book club just read that book!"


"What's the title again? It sounds like the perfect book for my sister."

Regularly, someone would walk into the store and comment, "It smells great in here! I love the scent of books!"

We all feel nostalgic for those days when walking into a physical place, touching books, being close to other people, was just another ordinary day. That's why we're beyond excited to welcome our customers back to the bookstore, but thoughtfully and respectfully following the new 'party' rules for mask-wearing, social distancing, and increased hygiene and cleaning protocols.

We often hear from our customers how they miss us, too, because we're not just a bookstore for them. We cannot wait to welcome them to their second home. There is so much to talk about!

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