Story Time with ALEXANDRA DAY

Feb 26 2012 11:30 am



Story Time with Alexandra Day

Sunday, February 26, 11:30 a.m.

The Fairy Dogfather  

Alexandra Day is a legendary storyteller who has a knack for surprising juxtapositions. She is the creator of the rottweiler named Carl who gently tends to an infant in a series of books that began in 1985. Now comes The Fairy Dogfather.

Hector has trouble differentiating the letters D and G. Thus when he writes a request for a fairy godfather, the Fairy Dogfather arrives instead wearing a fedora and smoking a cigar. He isn’t what Hector had in mind at all. He uses big words, and instead of simply granting Hector’s wishes, like a regular fairy godmother, he is a rather demanding visitor. And Hector needs a present for his Mom’s birthday right away. Can the Fairy Dogfather help grant his wishes?

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