DAVID STARK WILSON - Menlo Park Library

Jul 11 2012 7:15 pm





David Stark Wilson 

Wednesday, July 11, 7:15 p.m. 
Houses + Origins    

Menlo Park Library, 800 Alma St., Menlo Park


This beautifully illustrated book takes the reader on a journey through a number of outstanding houses designed and built in the California landscape by Berkeley firm WA design.

David Stark Wilson's lifelong interests in nature, mountaineering, mathematics and photography eventually culminated in a pursuit of furniture and building design. Born in Berkeley, California in 1961, his early architectural sensibility was strongly influenced by Bay Area architect Bernard Maybeck but, as his design sense matured, Wilson's direction became progressively more modern. His current interests include using materials, form and color to elicit the resonant responses we experience in nature, yet which often elude us in the built environment.

Wilson is also the author of two photography books, 'Structures of Utility' and 'Above All'.

There is no charge for this event. 

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