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Start: 7:30 pm
 Dan JurafskyTuesday, September 16, 7:30 p.m.The Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu   Did you know that ketchup, America’s national condiment, began as a fermented fish sauce from China’s Fujian province, and its linguistic origins are “ke” for fermented fish and “tchup” for sauce? Did you ever wonder why we eat toast for breakfast, but “toast” good health at dinner? Dan Jurafsky introduces us to the origins of some of our most beloved foods and culinary customs, shedding light on little-known facts and serving up the sort of trivia that is guaranteed to tickle the taste buds of foodies far and wide. Jurafsky’s delightful stories, delivered in the form of a menu, uncover an atlas of pre-modern culinary influence. Dan Jurafsky is Professor of Linguistics and Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. He is the recipient of a 2002 MacArthur Fellowship, is the co-author with Jim Martin of the widely-used textbook "Speech and Language Processing", and co-created with Chris Manning one of the first massively open online courses, Stanford's course in Natural Language Processing.
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