Current Openings: Kepler's is not hiring at this time.

Full-time and part-time booksellers

Kepler's is known for its knowledgeable staff, broad selection of books and magazines, and for deep ties to the community including local schools and non-profit organizations. Kepler's is the first bookselling institution in the US to pioneer an innovative hybrid business model that includes a community-financed bookstore and a close partnership with a nonprofit organization, Kepler's Literary Foundation, that produces a rich roster of literary events with leading intellectuals and writers. Kepler's is a social enterprise with a mission to provide cultural enrichment for our community. Kepler's is located next door to the popular Cafe Borrone and is conveniently accessible by Caltrain and public bus system.

As a bookseller you will work on the retail store floor to help customers find and purchase great books, share information about our programs and events with customers, manage store sections, make buying recommendations, create interesting and topical displays, and handle a variety of back-office activities including receiving and returns. Kepler's is a small, creative, and innovative place to work, and if you're committed to books and bookselling, we want to talk to you.

Ideal candidates will have/be:

  • A passion for talking with people about books, and a proclivity for reading across genres
  • Organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Efficient and resourceful with their time
  • Outgoing personality and strong communication skills
  • Self-directed and proactive
  • Ability to lift heavy boxes of books
  • Excited about working nights and weekends (Kepler's is open Monday through Saturday from 9am-10pm, Sunday from 9am-8pm, 363 days a year)

In addition, these qualifications are preferred but not required:

  • Previous bookselling or retail experience
  • Commitment to a long-term career in bookselling
  • Bachelor's or advanced degree in Literature, Education or related field
  • Experience working with IBID-IE inventory system for books

Please include in your application a current resume and a cover letter, which should include a sentence or two about a book that changed your life. Incomplete applications will not be considered for an interview.
Send your application to keplersjobs@gmail.com

Kepler's was founded in May 1955 by peace activist Roy Kepler. For 61 years, Kepler's has been the intellectual and cultural hub for the San Francisco peninsula. Kepler's is known for its outstanding literary events, knowledgeable staff, its broad selection of books and magazines, and for its deep ties to the community.

Kepler's went through a planned transition in 2012 during which the business was re-started in a hybrid business model that includes a for-profit community-supported bookstore and a nonprofit events organization. Kepler's vision is to continuously innovate to create a model community bookstore for the future that can be a sustainable cultural institution. More information about Kepler's recent transition can be viewed at www.keplers2020.com

Kepler's management team continues to be guided by its founder's mission to open minds, deepen literacy, and promote critical thinking.