Pretty Little Liars: Pretty Little Secrets (eBook)

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Rewind to junior year in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, to a winter break no one has ever heard about. . . .

Fat snowflakes fall onto manicured lawns, quilted stockings hang over marble fireplaces, and everyone is at peace, especially Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer. Now that Alison s murderer is in jail and A is dead, they can finally relax. Little do they know there s a new A in town. . . .

Rule number one of being an effective stalker: Get to know your prey. So I watch these liars day and night, keeping an eye on the trouble they get into, the messes they make, and the secrets they keep. Hanna s desperate for a very personal session with her gym trainer. Emily is number one on Santa s naughty list. Aria s old flame from Iceland is about to land her in hot water. And Spencer s resorting to some backhanded tactics to get what she wants.

What happens on holiday break stays on holiday break-right? But guess what. I saw. And now I m telling.

Taking place between Unbelievable and Wicked, Pretty Little Secrets is a very special Pretty Little Liars tale revealing the liars never-before-seen misadventures over their junior-year winter break.

Product Details ISBN-13: 9780062192127
Published: HarperTeen, 01/03/2012
Language: en