Eat, Drink, Talk and Swap Books:


A literary evening at Kepler's

BookSwap is a fun social literary evening designed to connect people who love to read and talk about books with great food, wine, and lively conversation!


Bring a book you love, one you can talk about all night, and are willing to part with during the "swap" at the end of the evening. Most BookSwaps have a theme such as mystery, summer reads, historical fuction, to guide your selection.


6:30pm          Check-in, mingle and enjoy something to eat and drink.


7:00-8:30pm  Conversations begin. you'll sit in small groups; everyone will have a few minutes to talk about the book they brought and hear about the books others are recommending. Everyone will move to new tables during this part so you'll have a chance to hear from lots of other book lovers. Dessert will be served between rounds.


8:30-9:00pm   The "swap" part of the BookSwap: A spirited "white elephant" book exchange. Go home with a book highly recommended by another bookswapper, plus a free advanced reader's edition of a book from Kepler's.