Focus: Desarrollar La Atencion Para Alcanzar La Excelencia (Paperback)

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In this highly anticipated book, psychologist and journalist Daniel Goleman, author of the international bestseller "Emotional Intelligence," offers a radically new view of a scarce and undervalued resource within our society, a secret to excellence: attention. People who reach their maximum performance, whether it's in school, business, sports, or the arts, are those who are skillful at both focusing and meditating. Combining cutting-edge research with practical knowledge, "Focus" digs into the science behind attention in all its varieties--internal and external focus. In the era of endless distractions, Goleman argues that now, more than ever before, we must learn to focus our attention. It is necessary to form a sense of self-control to improve empathy and to understand the complex world we live in.

Product Details ISBN-10: 8499883052
ISBN-13: 9788499883052
Published: Editorial Kairos, 03/01/2015
Pages: 359
Language: Spanish