Raw Food Detox: Over 100 Recipes for Better Health, Weight Loss, and Increased Vitality (Paperback)

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Now you can cleanse your system of toxins and reap the healthbenefits of a raw foodist s expertise with minimal time andeffort and without breaking the bank From Ulrika Davidsson, an advocate of green living and healthy eating and one of Sweden sbestselling cookbook authors, comes this tempting collection ofraw dishes, many of them vegan, all of which can easily be preparedat home.

No diet on earth is more nourishing than a raw diet, and no otherway of eating keeps you looking and feeling healthier your wholelife long. As a working mother of two, Davidsson knows the valueof time and the vital importance of eating well for increased energylevels. In addition to sharing some of the tastiest, quickest, andhealthiest recipes around, Davidsson details what and what not toeat and explains the nutritional science behind raw food and thedetox diet so that you can live healthier and tailor your own diet tomeet your nutritional needs.

In this beautifully photographed collection, you ll learn to preparenutritionally rich raw breakfasts, snacks, soups, smoothies, juices, and desserts using ingredients like coconut, avocado, watermelon, nuts, beans, radishes, and even cheeses. Whether or not you reready to go raw, Raw Food Detox will introduce you to raw dishesthat are nutritious, palate-pleasing, and destined to become newfavorites for you and your family

Product Details ISBN-10: 1616086262
ISBN-13: 9781616086268
Published: Skyhorse Publishing, 05/01/2012
Pages: 126
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