The Road to Oz (Hardcover)

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L. Frank Baum is best known for his "Oz" books, starting with "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," Baum wrote a total of fourteen Oz books during his lifetime, plus a collection of stories.

"The Road to Oz" is the fifth book in the Oz series. It's the birthday of Princess Ozma, ruler of Oz, and a birthday celebration is being held in the Emerald City. Dorothy's adventures begin when she tries to help a stranger find the road he is seeking. On the way, they encounter the boy Button Bright, get lost, and find themselves in Oz.

Once in Oz they encounter a variety of new characters, good, bad, and amusing, as they try to reach the Emerald City in time for Ozma's birthday.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781603127530
ISBN-10: 1603127534
Publisher: Aegypan
Publication Date: August 2007
Pages: 112
Language: English