Silicon Valley: The History in Pictures (Hardcover)

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This lovely coffee table book has more than pretty pictures. It illustrates the area’s history in broad strokes- with chapters on the Wild West, the Valley’s agriculture, its computer industry (from mainframe to PC), on up to the current internet revolution. Filled with little-known factoids, even long-term residents will be surprised and captivated. (Christin)


Vintage photos populate this artful and timely book as it traces the evolution of Santa Clara Valley from the days of the Gold Rush through modern day. Filled with over 400 high resolution images, this book captures the spirit of Silicon Valley. If you have ever wondered why the microchip, personal computer and Internet were all born in Santa Clara Valley, this is a must read.

About the Author

Mary Wadden is an associate vice president at Cassidy Turley. The veteran commercial real estate broker focuses on R&D, office and warehouse leasing and sales. Over the years, she has leased a total of 1.2 million square feet in transactions valued at nearly $56 million. Now she adds author to her list of accomplishments.

Praise for Silicon Valley: The History in Pictures…

This book is wonderful! I grew up in Silicon Vally and it's incredible to learn about the history and important historical events that have taken place here. This sits on my coffee table and my guests have a hard time putting it down. Great book to own and to give out as a gift! - Marissa Garona

Anyone from or living in the Silicon Valley needs this book. First of all it's gorgeous just to flip through - the photos are amazing. I've had it on my coffee table and every single person who has come to visit has picked it up and been enthralled with the book. Then spend some time reading and the information is also fascinating. To learn more about the area I live in (and such an interesting area it is) has been fun with this book. - Nicole M. Moison

Not being from Silicon Valley I still found this photo book to be incredibly informative and interesting. This book will appeal to people near and far, as Silicon Valley has and continues to contribute to global technologies, cultures & economies.
Once you open the book perusing it is an enjoyable glimpse into the area with all of the unique photos and captions, enjoy! - Richard Genest

Purchased two copies of this book - one for a family member and one for a colleague and both were big hits! It is filled with fun facts about the Silicon Valley, as well as great photos and historical data about the area (and all of the mega-companies that are based here). Makes a lovely gift - I just need one for my coffee table now!
Product Details ISBN-10: 1467572454
ISBN-13: 9781467572453
Published: Menlo Park, California : Silicon Valley Historical Association, 2013, 01/01/2013
Pages: 226