Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety (Paperback)

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About the Author

Daniel Smith is the author of Muses, Madmen, and Prophets and a contributor to The Atlantic, New York magazine, The New York Times Magazine, and Slate. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Praise for Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety…

eoeI readMonkey Mindwith admiration for its bravery and clarity.Daniel Smithe(TM)s anxiety is matched by a wonderful sense of the comic, and it is this which makesMonkey Mindnot only a dark, pain-filled book but a hilariously funny one, too. I broke out into explosive laughter again and again.e
-Oliver Sacks

eoeMonkey Mind does for anxiety what William Styrone(TM)s Darkness Visible did for depression.e
-Aaron T. Beck, father of cognitive therapy

eoeYou don't need a Jewish mother, or a profound sweating problem, to feel Daniel Smith's pain in Monkey Mind.His memoir treats what must be the essential ailment of our timee"chronic anxietye"and it does so with wisdom, honesty, and the kind of belly laughs that can only come from troubles transformed.e
-Chad Harbach

eoeDaniel Smith maps the jagged contours of anxiety with such insight, humor and compassion that the result is, oddly, calming. There are countless gems in these pages, including a fresh take on the psycho-pathology of chronic nail biting, an ill-fated ménage a troise"and the funniest perspiration scene since Albert Brookse(TM) sweaty performance in Broadcast News. Read this book. You have nothing to lose but your heart palpitations, and your Xanax habit.e
-Eric Weiner

eoeI done(TM)t know Daniel Smith, but I do want to give him a hug. His book is so bracingly honest, so hilarious, so sharp, ite(TM)s clear theree(TM)s one thing he doesne(TM)t have to be anxious about: Whether or not hee(TM)s a great writer.e
-A.J. Jacobs

eoeDaniel Smith has a written a wise, funny book, a great mix of startling memoir and fascinating medical and literary history, all of it delivered with humor and a true generosity of spirit. I only got anxious in the last part, when I worried the book would end.e
-Sam Lipsyte

eoeIn this unforgettable, surprisingly hilarious memoir, journalist and professor Smith chronicles his head-clanging, flop-sweating battles with acute anxiety. . . . Hee(TM)s clear-eyed and funny about his conditione(TM)s painful absurdities.e

eoeThis book will change the way you think about anxietye. Daniel Smith's writing dazzled mee.. Painful experiences are described with humor, and complex ideas are made accessiblee. Monkey Mind is a rare gem.e

eoeMonkey Mindis fleet, funny, and productively exhausting.e
-Ben Greenman

eoeSuperb writing [and] marvelous humor . . . If you're chronically anxious and want to better explain to a loved one what you're going through, hand them Monkey Mind.e

eoeYoue(TM)ll laugh out loud many times during Daniel Smithe(TM)s Monkey Mind. . . . In the time-honored tradition of leavening pathos with humor, Smith has managed to create a memoir that doesne(TM)t entirely let him off the hook for bad behavior . . .but promotes understanding of the similarly afflicted.e

eoeThe book is one mane(TM)s story, but at its core ite(TM)s about all of us.e

eoe[Smith]adroitly dissects his relentless mental and physical symptoms with intelligence and humor. . . . An intelligent, intimate and touching journey through one mane(TM)s angst-ridden life.e

eoeA true treasure-trove of insight laced with humor and polished prose.e

eoeMonkey Mind is a perfect 10e. Hilarious, well-informed and intelligent, Smith conveys the seriousness of his situation without becoming pathetic or unrelatable, and whate(TM)s more, he offers useful information for both sufferers and non-suffererse. He gives us a reason to stay with him on every page.e

eoeHere's one less thing for Daniel Smith to worry about: He sure can write. In Monkey Mind, a memoir of his lifelong struggles with anxiety, he defangs the experience with a winning combination of humor and understanding.e
-Heller McAlpin

eoeFor fellow anxiety-sufferers, ite(TM)s like finding an Anne of Green Gablese"style kindred spirit.e

eoe[Monkey Mind] will be recognized in the years to come as the preeminent first-person narrative of the anxiously lived life.e

Product Details ISBN-10: 1439177317
ISBN-13: 9781439177310
Published: Simon & Schuster, 06/11/2013
Pages: 224
Language: English