Fisica de Lo Imposible: Podremos Ser Invisibles, Viajar en el Tiempo y Teletransportarnos? = Physics of the Impossible (Paperback)

By Michio Kaku, Javier Garcia Sanz (Translator)
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CUNY professor and media star Kaku (Hyperspace) ponders topics that many people regard as impossible, ranging from psychokinesis and telepathy to time travel and teleportation. His Class I impossibilities include force fields, telepathy and anti-universes, which don t violate the known laws of science and may become realities in the next century. Those in Class II await realization further in the future and include faster-than-light travel and discovery of parallel universes.

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ISBN: 9780307393258
ISBN-10: 0307393259
Publisher: Rba Libros
Publication Date: March 2nd, 2010
Pages: 382
Language: Spanish