The Big Book of New Design Ideas (Paperback)

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How do creative people create?Where do they get their ideas?For many, "brainstorm" sessions are a starting point. But huge numbers of creative people go through creative annuals or other books showing large amounts of work by top creative people. (Author David Carter calls this process "solitary brainstorming.") The Big Book of New Design Ideas was created for this specific purpose. Each piece was selected based on its potential to trigger an idea in the mind of the reader. Look at the logo section: you'll see a lot of different techniques there. Suddenly, you see a logo that "triggers" an idea. And that idea may have nothing at all to do with the one you just saw. That's pretty much how this book works. For everybody who uses the works of others to inspire their own ideas, this book is the one that should be on the shelf.

About the Author

Buster was a 10-year-old dalmatian who lived in a big house with four faithful servants when he wrote this book. One of them, David E. Carter, an advertising executive in Ashland, Kentucky, translated Buster's helpful hints into the human language. Dog Owner's Manual is being published posthumously.
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ISBN: 9780060833091
ISBN-10: 0060833092
Publisher: Harper Design
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2005
Pages: 384
Language: English