The Heart of the Matter: The Three Key Breakthroughs to Preventing Heart Attacks (Paperback)

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By the head of the Open Heart ICU at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital––an incredibly persuasive and revolutionary approach for lowering the risks of heart disease –– this plan links high cholesterol and Chlamydia as risk factors and lays out a program to combat both.

We are on the cusp of an enormous breakthrough in preventing heart attacks – forever. We are in the same place we were just before penicillin revolutionized the treatment of infectious disease, before fluoride eradicated tooth decay, and just before the polio vaccine brought that disease under control in this country. In The Heart of the Matter, Dr. Peter Salgo, the associate director of the Open Heart ICU at New York Presbyterian Hospital, offers a simple formula to treat people before they get sick, which in turn will prevent heart attacks before they occur.

For the first time in history, we know what really causes heart attack. And that knowledge has led Dr. Salgo to this amazingly simple and straightforward program that will save millions of lives. Dr. Salgo recommends using statins, antibiotics, and aspirin to prevent coronary heart disease. This groundbreaking book also offers a self–test that readers can take to assess their own personal risk for heart disease.

The Heart of the Matter is the beginning of a change in the treatment of heart disease. It introduces a preventative program that includes traditional diet and exercise guidelines as well as a blanket recommendation that adults, even many young adults, incorporate medicines into the on–going pursuit for health and longevity – something that, until now, seemed impossible to many. Now, without using a lot of indecipherable medical jargon, this invaluable new guide will show you exactly how to attain that longer, healthier life that so many people wish for.

About the Author

Peter Salgo, M.D., is the associate director of the Open Heart ICU at New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. He is also an Emmy Award-winning medical journalist, practicing physician, and respected health-care futurist who has been speaking about health care and heart care, in particular, for more than twenty-five years. Currently practicing anesthesiology and internal medicine at Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Salgo also teaches at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons. He lives in New York with his wife, Heidi.

Product Details ISBN-10: 0060544295
ISBN-13: 9780060544294
Published: Harper Paperbacks, 12/01/2004
Pages: 272
Language: English